Month: December 2021

DP-2200 in a 100 V system

Of course, DP series can happily run at 2 Ohms…..but some models can also drive 70 V and 100 V systems. In this high impedance system example, the DP-2200 (DP-2200F / DP-2200N) can drive up to 100 pcs of i8T loudspeakers. This configuration can also drive LESS than 100 pcs of i8T. Any number between

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DP-F series amplifiers

Four new models of amplifiers join the powerful DP Series of multi channel amps. The new DP-F models have been engineered for mid sized venues, rental and touring applications.  Enormous output power and stability at 2 ohms are features that already make DP amps special –  but the new DP-F models also feature Ethernet control

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