Key Features

  • Easy installed integrated amplifiers
  • Combination of mic and line inputs
  • Rack mountable
  • Durable steel chassis
  • Low impedance and 100v / 70v line modes
  • Built in filters
  • EQ Control
  • Low impedance and 100v / 70v line modes
  • Phantom power
  • Remote screw lock connectors

The hub of your installation
The MA Series offer a simplistic route to a variety of installation applications. Small to medium sized public areas including retail spaces, restaurants and other public areas can make benefit of an amplifier with an intuitive control system which also works in many different speaker formations too.
Multiple connections
The MA series is perfect for connection to line level sources such as CD players and mixing desks. At the same time, important announcements can be made via mic inputs too.
User friendly control
Clear and precise controls are easily adjusted and also activate features which include limiting and ducking, doing the hard work for you. These features ensure the microphone cuts through the music and your loudspeakers are protected from harmful sound levels or a sudden spike in volume.