Diamond 8.1 Active
Diamond 8.2 Active

Key Features

  • Bi-Amped active studio monitor series
  • Built using Wharfedale diamond family transducers
  • 5" and 6.5" woofer models
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Balanced XLR/Jack Combi input
  • RCA input
  • Bass cut HPF switch
  • Near-field monitor use
  • 200W power output per pair
  • High-end Titanium HF Compression Driver
  • Tuned for studio reference
  • Overload protection
  • Clip and power status LED

Hi-fi heritage tuned for audio engineering
Built using the Diamond family transducers in specially designed enclosures, and with a custom designed bi-amplifier package, the Diamond Studio Pro-Active series is a complete and balanced two channel system. For recording, and for mixing down both offer excellent near field monitoring performance and value.
Engineered for near-field monitoring
Magnetic Shielding of the driver magnets allows close placement of the monitors to CRT displays used in today’s recording process. Whilst being true to their sonic heritage, the Studio Pro-Active reference monitors are refined and enhanced for the demands and duties of the recording business. Tighter enclosure damping, and a larger cubic volume give better control under high levels found in monitoring.
Transparent and accurate
The 8.1 is known for its excellent overall balance, transparency and accuracy. The 8.2 offers the same quality with greater output level capability. For recording, and for mixing down both offer excellent Near Field Monitoring performance and value. Such is the quality of the Diamond transducers that no special equalization or adjustment of the components is necessary in the bi-amp section. Simple, great sounding, low Q crossover slopes compliment the drivers in their operating ranges.
Wharfedale Pro Bi-Amplification
The Diamond Pro Active Studio monitor fuses Wharfedale hi-fi drivers with high power Wharfedale Professional amplification and electronics. This amplifier features an active electronic crossover – a valuable tool allowing the input signal to be divided between the drive units thereby optimising the overall response of the system. The rear panel also features a bass cut high pass filter, for more discreet monitoring or for particular engineering work such as vocal monitoring.
Pro Protection
The amplifier unit has built in overload protection circuitry to monitor output levels and protect the drivers. As well as the ON/OFF Led, the Diamond Pro Active has a second LED on the front panel that will illuminate when the unit is being driven excessively (as would a CLIP Led on an amplifier)