WLA-28 Fly Frame
WLA Fly Frame

Key Features

  • High Sensitivity, Full Horn Loaded Design
  • New WLA-28 & WLA-15B Models Added
  • Constant directivity waveguides
  • Rare Earth Magnets
  • Physically Aligned Transducers
  • 2 x parallel speakon inputs
  • Comprehensive Adjustable Splay Angles
  • Extremley durable Rhino Rock finished cabinets
  • Internal Passive Crossover Network (WLA-12)
  • External Crossover Bypass Switching (WLA-12)
  • Front Hinged Rigging System
  • Captive Rigging Hardware with Tethered Quick Release Pins
  • Tethered Quick Release Pins (Each Rated To 2000Kg)

The lineup expands
With the success of the WLA-12, we are now proud to announce the new WLA-28 and WLA-15B. The WLA-28 has been developed to condense the extreme SPL and long-throw capabilities of the WLA-12 in to an all- new 2 x 8” configuration, while the WLA-15B is an all-new accompanying subwoofer to extend the low end.
Ready for rigging
A versatile captive, hidden rigging system allows for fast setup, with the widest range of splay angles, while keeping the toughened steel brackets hidden within the chassis. Inter element splay angles guarantee that a WLA system can meet the needs of your venue. For the WLA-12, please refer to the WLA Fly Frame and for the WLA-28 / WLA-15B, please refer to the WLA-28 Fly Frame.
Huge Sound Pressure Level
The WLA Series achieves ultra-high sensitivity with its fully horn-loaded architecture. A horn-loaded LF drivers are combined with horn-loaded titanium compression drivers for the HF, generating high SPL with maximum efficiency (up to 134dB Max). The ultra-high sensitivity of the WLA Series creates punishing levels from even the most modest of power amplifiers ensuring that your system can generate a huge SPL.
Rhino Rock-Solid
Rhino Rock, our proprietary ultra-touch textured composite finish is used to ensure that the WLA Series can withstand life on the road, even in the most demanding touring applications.
Versatile Speaker Management Options
Physically aligned transducers and an internal passive crossover network on the WLA-12 deliver natural intelligibility, clarity and precision without the need for expensive speaker management. A rear panel bypass setting allows you to use an external active crossover network or speaker management system to fine tune the system.