Key Features

  • Flagship Wharfedale Pro power, industry leading price
  • Suitable for small to large applications
  • SMPS - switch mode power supply technology
  • 2 x XLR inputs
  • 2 x XLR outputs
  • 2 x Speakon outputs
  • Internal LPF/HPF/Full Range filtering
  • Internal circuit breaker with reset switch
  • Signal, power and protect LED display
  • Ultra quiet variable speed fan

Built to serve
The WX Series from Wharfedale Pro is a trust worthy power amplifier range built to deliver across all pro audio platforms from houses of worship installs to professional touring sound systems. From the WX-1 producing 300 Watts per channel, through to the WX-12 generating 1300 Watts per channel, the WX is built to serve sound engineers configuring ultra-efficient systems, whatever their size whilst offering an industry leading price and undeterred Wharfedale Pro sound.
High Power Amps That Don't Weigh A Tonne
This brand new amplifier series has been made to withstand the heaviest of bands and loudest of DJs and bands however, the amplifier does not just lend itself to fixed installations. High-performance ultra-efficient parts are housed together in a lightweight package, easy to manage from gig to gig, week in week out.
Convenient, Internal Sound Processing
All WX series amplifiers feature on-board processing with switchable 100 HZ LPF/HPF on both channels, allowing WX to drive complete speaker systems without any external processing. Not only is this very convenient for sound engineers but it also means more space in the rack and less gear to carry. There has never been such a clear choice for professional amplification.
Switch Mode Power Supply Technology
Using advanced SMPS technology and class AB Topology, Wharfedale Pro have created an amplifier capable of delivering high levels of output with extreme headroom. Our stringent process to developing one of our higest quality amplifier has produced an industry leading amp when considering price point, power and weight as equal importance.