WLA rigs chosen for ‘Club Maharaja’, Nagoya, Japan.

“Club Maharaja” is a very famous disco in Nagoya, Japan. With a floor size of 187 square meters, the Maharaja was established over 40 years ago. The club was recently renovated and a new Wharfedale Pro audio system was installed.

The system recommendation and installation was handled by Movin Co. Ltd, Japan.  They selected a 3-way Wharfedale Pro line array system consisting of multiple WLA-28’s, WLA-15B’s and dual 18” Focus 218S subwoofers.
The arrays were flown using the WLA-28 Fly Frame and are made up of 2 x WLA-15B’s and 4 x WLA-28’s.
We had a chance to talk with the team from Movin Co. Ltd. to find out more about this impressive installation.  
Q: Why did you choose the WLA series for this installation?
A: We always do demonstrations for our clients before any major installation.  After listening to the system everyone agreed that the WLA rig would be ideal.  It’s a great size and delivered the audio performance that was needed.  Importantly, the system cost could remain inside the budget. 
Q: You've also installed a Wharfedale Pro SHO series into “Club MAHARAJA OSAKA”.  What was the key reason to use our WLA Series this time?
A: It was really about the physical space available inside this club.  The smaller dimensions of the WLA rig were needed but we did not want to compromise the overall sound quality - or power.
Q: How did you approach the physical layout of the arrays inside the club?
A: Because of the interior design of club, we could not fly speakers in each corner.  It was only possible to use two arrays flying at the front.  These two WLA arrays give full coverage of the dance floor and into the audience area.  Especially when the DJ plays CD’s, the coverage from these two arrays is wide and clear.
Q: You have also installed two Wharfedale Pro Focus 218S subwoofers.  How well does that work with WLA-28s and WLA-15Bs?
A:  We initially designed the system to use four separate subwoofers but physically but there was simply not enough space.   We therefore chose to use two 2 x 18” dual subs.  We are very satisfied with the sound and don’t feel we lost anything in this compromise.  
Q: During the installation, what was the biggest concern?
A: A powerful three way system can become very heavy.  Even though the individual components are lightweight, the overall system weight is a critical consideration.  We therefore did comprehensive structural research on the basement strength of the club to ensure that the system was flown safely.
Q: Do you have any product requests for Wharfedale Pro?
A: We hope that you will create a reasonably sized subwoofer for the WLA-28 system.
We are pleased to introduce our latest subwoofer for the WLA Series, the 145dB dual 15” WLA-28SUB.  We look forward to hearing about future installations from Movin Co. Ltd. that might use this new subwoofer.
Thanks to Movin Co. Ltd. and E'spec Inc., Japan for arranging this interview.