WLA-28 system presets for SC-48 Versadrive

 Two new presets for the SC-48 Versadrive to make setup with 2 and 3-way WLA-28 systems easy!

Wharfedale Pro release 2 new preset templates for the new SC-48 Versadrive.  Including crossover EQ settings and routing, this a great place to start before fine tuning your own parameters to suit the acoustics of your specific venue.

1 - WLA-28 / WLA-15B

A quick way to setup a stereo rig containing WLA-28 and WLA-15B.  A simple, but handy 2-way configuration.

2 - WLA-28 / WLA-15B / FOCUS 218B

A quick way to setup a 3-way stereo rig containing WLA-28, WLA-15B and FOCUS 218B.  The preset is also a starting point for engineers using similar 3-way configurations. It splits a stereo input into high, low and sub outputs. 

The outputs are defined as:

OUTPUT 1 & 5 : FOCUS 218B Left / FOCUS 218B Right

OUTPUT 2 & 6 : WLA-15B Left / WLA-15B Right

OUTPUT 3 & 7 : WLA-28 Left / WLA-28 Right

To understand and use these files, load the respective *.prs file into the SC-48 PC editor software by selecting “Load” from the software menu.

Note - Before saving any edits to the device, consult your SC-48 owners manual to avoid over-writing any of your current presets.

Download these presets and the editor software from the downloads section of the SC-48 page HERE

Wharfedale Pro thank the team at E’spec Inc. who crafted and shared these presets.