Control is everything | New Versadrive Digital Matrix Processors

Control is everything.

Introducing the new Versadrive SC-24, SC-36 and SC-48 Digital Matrix Processors.

The Versadrive speaker management system offers all the digital signal processing and detailed control that a live sound engineer needs. Packaged into a neat 1U rack design, an intuitive and concise front panel with LCD screen enables engineers to make essential adjustments to the speaker configuration with accuracy. 

Whether we like it or not, it’s a reality that PA systems are complex.  A lot of time is spent selecting the best loudspeaker and amplifier combinations, and systems can easily grow.  Its therefore essential to maintain control to ensure the best quality sound throughout the rig.

Versadrive DSP Digital Matrix Processors puts that control at your fingertips (but can also be password protected to avoid giving up that control to inexperienced users!)

The new models are explained by their code numbers.  SC-24 features 2 analog XLR inputs and 4 XLR analog outputs.  SC-36 is a 3 in 6 out while the SC-48 delivers 4 in and 8 out.

All new models feature the same highest quality 24-bit 96kHz AD/DA convertors and the internal DSP is handled by a 40-bit processor.  All models deliver granular control over all aspects of audio.  From input and output phase adjustment, delay timing, compression, limiting, parametric EQ, and multiple choices of HP and LP filtering, it’s easy to tweak the parameters until the system is perfectly balanced. 

For even more control, the new Versadrives are supplied with editing and librarian software.  This allows for onscreen editing of all parameters and for setups to be backed up securely along with any other installation and touring documents that the Engineer needs.

With USB, RS232 and RS485 connectivity, Versadrive can be integrated into any system.  As the system grows, so can Versadrive, and up to 255 units can be cascaded.


24-bit 96kHz AD/DA convertors

40-bit internal processing

USB / RS232 and RS485 connectivity

User friendly software

Password protected front panel operation

For pricing and availability in local regions please contact your local Wharfedale Pro distributor.