Introduction to IAG

Wharfedale Pro has been part of the International Audio Group (IAG) since 1996. The IAG group is today, the fastest growing Audio/Visual specialist manufacturer in the world. Under internationally recognized brands such as, Wharfedale, Wharfedale Pro, Quad, Quad Industrial, Audiolab and Mission, we manufacture a diverse range of highly targeted consumer and professional products. The group is growing and the brand portfolio has been extended further with the re-launch to the market of the professional lighting brands: Coef, Apogee Lighting and F.A.L.

The transition from a loudspeaker manufacturer to a full-scale electronics and lighting manufacturer has required huge investment and a massive reorganisation. Now approaching the final stages, the facility is fully compliant with all European and world manufacturing standards. Last year, IAG embarked on a major new initiative with the purchase of a ship-building yard in Guangzhou. From 2008 we will start building luxury yachts for the growing affluent.

Our philosophy remains one of inward investment and vertical integration. All of our acquisitions have been achieved without recourse to external finance, as has the growth in the factory. Today, we manufacture more parts of our own speakers than any of our competitors and this trend will continue across our brand portfolio.

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IAG has some of the oldest and most respected brands in the hi-fi and electronics world under our portfolio. Experts with the most prestigious backgrounds in each of their fields head up the various departments bringing with them a wealth of industry experience in product design as well as a thorough knowledge of the various sales channels and market needs.

This allied with possibly the most vertically integrated factory of its type in the world, covering an area of approaching 1.5 million square feet, and a physical presence in five countries, has ensured that IAG has remained one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the market today.

Our fully ISO9001 approved factory utilises the most advanced manufacturing equipment available, including a full production suite for our own tooling. Such is the level of our vertical integration that from pulp to finished product; from chassis manufacture to winding the voice coils and manufacturing the PCBs for the crossover - every single process occurs within the walls of our own factory.

Quality is never compromised. With complete control over every process, we can regulate much more effectively than if we had multiple suppliers. At each stage of manufacture a positive release mechanism is employed, ensuring that all sub-assemblies meet the required standards. Furthermore, each finished product is fully tested before being released to distribution. Electronics products are tested for a continuous 24 hours before being shipped.

We take our responsibility as an employer seriously. Staff and managers enjoy first class working conditions and accommodation, with health and safety taking absolute priority. All new employees undertake a rigorous induction and skills training program and we regularly rotate employees to ensure a varied and interesting work schedule.

The International Audio Group employs a philosophy of work hard and play hard amongst all its staff and associates. The IAG Resort and Country Club is the perfect embodiment of this philosophy - a luxurious oasis of calm and relaxation situated around a 40 acre lake in the mountains surrounding the factory.

The resort facilities include a four-lane bowling alley and snooker room, spa and sauna a karaoke club, terraced outdoor swimming pool with barbecue area and the everbusy tap room and night club where visitors and staff can enjoy a drink into the early hours of the morning - or dance the night away with our resident band. Centred around a forty-seater restaurant, the Country Club offers extensive accommodation for visitors including 8 Villa apartments and a fully-serviced hotel with 3mb broadband in all the rooms. Plans to extend the current facilities and accommodation stretch to a nine-hole mountain range golf-course and a lake-side stage for live performances.